FIRECO is a private company that is established having head office in Dubai. We are having sub-offices in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. It is specialized in design, supply, commissioning, installing & maintaining wide range of fire alarms, fire extinguishers, fire fighting systems & sprinkler system equipment. FIRECO TECHNICAL SERVICES LLC is certified from Dubai Civil Defense., Abu Dhabi Civil Defense., Sharjah Civil Defense and is categorized as A+ company.
In the time of the establishment of this company, FIRECO was successful in attracting many customers and it still continue growing and gaining people’s business trust and confidence.



As to comply with civil defence, local quality assurance, safety standards and to meet customers requirement and further to the safety of human life, work place, equipment and material we have constituted strict quality and safety procedures and have ensured their strict compliance start from bidding onwards, safety and quality control rules are involved in paper work and are observed accordingly through out the execution of project.

Our site manager is responsible for manpower training, equipment, tools and material handling, safety conscious trained work force is not left without safety supervisor on site.
Quality control in-charge remains responsible for the complete process of procurement, installations of material and equipment up to the entire satisfaction of client, procedure involves pre-inspection of required material and equipment, stock inspection, on delivery inspectionand final inspection after errection/installation.

Quality inspection procedures are followed by general manager of fireco technical services and recorded till the completion of project and the warranty period

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